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NAMI PRO Subscription: Monthly PRO Subscription

Transform Your Trading with the NAMI PRO Toolkit

Unlock a world where trading moves at the speed of innovation with the NAMI PRO Subscription. "NAMI" stands for Not Another Momentum Indicator, and it delivers on that promise by offering a futuristic approach to market analysis. With NAMI PRO, you're not just keeping pace with the market; you're defining it.

Why NAMI PRO is Unmatched:

  • NAMI Momentum Wave: Experience market dynamics like never before with our proprietary indicator that provides real-time, zero-lag visualization of price action through oscillating waves, delivering signals hours to days ahead of competitors like Market Cipher B as well as detecting and displaying critical bull and bear divergences, as well as hidden divergences, by plotting intuitive lines on the momentum waves for unmistakable signals.
  • Advanced Money Flow Index: Central to the NAMI indicator is our advanced Money Flow Index, meticulously calibrated to avoid overexaggeration, delivering real-time, zero-lag insights. It oscillates with seamless precision between green and red, providing you with a crystal-clear visual indicator of market sentiment. This nuanced visualization ensures you're making decisions based on genuine market flows, not on lagged or distorted data.
  • Stochastic Ribbon with Color-Coded Intelligence: This isn't just another RSI; it's a color-changing, trend-predicting dynamo that adds a layer of strategic depth to your analysis.

An Arsenal of Advanced Tools:

  • E/N/I/G/M/A Indicator: A jewel in the crown of the NAMI suite, the ENIGMA indicator is the epitome of precision. With its proprietary algorithms, it specializes in plotting top and bottom signals with unparalleled accuracy. This tool is designed to cut through the market noise and provide clear, actionable insights, adding confluence and precision to your trading strategies.
  • NAMI SMC Indicator: Smart Money Concepts come to life, spotlighting order blocks and value gaps, giving you the smart money's perspective.
  • NAMI SMB & NAMI OSK Indicators: Proprietary strategy indicators that offer you a strategic vantage point for optimal trade entries, unparalleled by any other indicators on the market.
  • TRAVIS Indicator: The Trend Analysis Visualizer that helps you identify key market trends, from subtle shifts to significant price movements.
  • TRAVIS-D Indicator: This companion deepens your trend insights, revealing potential reversals and divergences with clarity.

A Promise of Continuous Innovation: With NAMI PRO, your subscription extends beyond the present toolkit. You're the first in line for future unreleased toolkits, ensuring your trading strategy evolves with the very latest in algorithmic trading advancements.

Elevate Your Trading Experience: With the NAMI PRO Subscription, you're not just adopting a new set of indicators; you're embracing a complete trading philosophy. Our toolkit is your compass in the market, guiding you through the noise with clarity and insight.

Exclusive Community Access: Join a community of elite traders in our VIP Discord channel and gain access to a wealth of knowledge, including exclusive TA from False Profit.

Join the Forefront of Trading: Don't just chase the market—lead it. Subscribe today and step into the future of trading equipped with a suite of tools designed for those who demand excellence and foresight in their trading decisions.


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