Nami BASIC Subscription Plans

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BASIC Subscription: BASIC 1 Month Subscription

Discover the NAMI Difference with Our Basic Subscription

Step into the world of trading with NAMI — Not Another Momentum Indicator. Designed to challenge the status quo, our Basic Subscription offers traders and investors a fresh approach to visualizing market momentum with unprecedented zero lag.

Why NAMI Stands Out: NAMI isn't just another tool in your arsenal; it's a game-changer. Our momentum accuracy testing reveals that NAMI outshines other indicators by identifying market bottoms and tops up to 80% faster. Whether you're embarking on your trading journey or looking to sharpen your strategies, NAMI offers unparalleled insights to keep you ahead.

Why NAMI is Unmatched:

  • NAMI Momentum Wave: Experience market dynamics like never before with our proprietary oscillator that provides real-time, zero-lag visualization of price action through oscillating waves, delivering signals hours to days ahead of competitors like Market Cipher B as well as detecting and displaying critical bull and bear divergences, as well as hidden divergences, by plotting intuitive lines on the momentum waves for unmistakable signals.
  • Advanced Money Flow Index: Central to the NAMI indicator is our advanced Money Flow Index, meticulously calibrated to avoid overexaggeration, delivering real-time, zero-lag insights. It oscillates with seamless precision between green and red, providing you with a crystal-clear visual indicator of market sentiment. This nuanced visualization ensures you're making decisions based on genuine market flows, not on lagged or distorted data.
  • Stochastic Ribbon with Color-Coded Intelligence: This isn't just another RSI; it's a color-changing, trend-predicting dynamo that adds a layer of strategic depth to your analysis.

Your Basic Subscription Includes:

  • NAMI Indicator: Experience the core of our innovation, offering zero-lag insights into market trends.
  • NAMI-D Indicator: The perfect companion indicator to our flagship NAMI -- visualize NAMI composite components onto your bar chart; introducing an easy to read divergence identification, money flor crossovers, buy/sell signals, True VWAP -- all derived from NAMI.
  • NAMI SMC Indicator: Our beginner level SMC indicator, now available to all BASIC subscribers. The NAMI SMC indicator plots unmitigated and mitigated bullish and bearish order blocks, giving traders easy to read levels of institutional interest.
  • TRAVIS Indicator: Complement your market analysis with enhanced precision.
  • TRAVIS-D Indicator: Delve deeper into the dynamics of market trends with this specialized tool.
  • Exclusive Discord Access: Join the NAMI community on Discord for support, insights, and the chance to connect with fellow traders.

Our Basic Subscription is the perfect starting point for those new to the market or anyone seeking a no-nonsense approach to momentum trading. It's not just another subscription; it's your entry into a community dedicated to innovation and success in trading.

Elevate Your Trading from Day One: With NAMI, you're not just getting indicators; you're adopting a new perspective on market analysis. Subscribe today and see why NAMI is not just another momentum indicator — it's your new trading edge.

*Free Trial Users Will Not Have Access To Discord Until Subscription Begins*